Nauczyciele i uczniowie gastronomii i hotelarstwa  partnerami na drodze do mistrzostwa zawodowego - Teachers and students of gastronomy and hotel industry as successful partners in achieving professional mastery - Portugal and Italy - 2015-2017

The project has been closely related to the School’s Development Programme and a direct response to the strategy of Tychy’s Board of Education. The main assumption of strategy was to suit vocational education to the needs of contemporary knowledge-based economy.
The project included students who had been educated in gastronomy and hotel industry and vocational and language teachers. It included 40 students and 16 teachers and aimed at improve professional and language skills.
The main objectives of the project were:
* Familiarizing  with innovative techniques of food preparation used in the Mediterranean cuisine.
* Familiarizing the latest techniques of serving the hotel guests at the reception.
* Familiarizing with preparation of the hotel and conference rooms.
* Gaining basic knowledge of Italian and Portuguese language.
* Improving the knowledge of English and German language.

Acquiring professional and language skills by students will turn out to be indispensable in their future workplace as well as in their personal growth. Additionally, it will improve students’ chances of employment in the country and abroad. We would like students to become resourceful and creative, which can motivate them to set up their own businesses. Familiarizing them with the national heritage of the host country and ability to develop their interpersonal skills, will definitely have a huge impact on their future professional career. One of the most important outcomes of the project is to promote gastronomy and hotel industry schools among young people and lower secondary students in Tychy which will have a considerable impact on the local labour market. As far as the teachers are concerned, they had the opportunity to verify their practical skills and language proficiency. Moreover, familiarizing the teachers with Mediterranean food preparation techniques, will definitely broaden their professional knowledge. All the teachers taking part in the project were familiarized with Italian education system which led to enrich their teaching skills and workshop. 

Book titled 'TASTE OF PORTUGAL'Przeczytaj książkę "Smak PORTUGALII"