Wyspy Szczęśliwe drogą do doskonałości, kariery i osiągnięcia mistrzostwa zawodowego dla uczniów i nauczycieli Zespołu Szkół nr 7 w Tychach  - The Islands of Happiness as the source of perfection, career and professional mastery for the students and teachers of the Secondary School of Catering and Hospitality no. 7 in Tychy - 2016-2018 - Tenerife

The main objective of the project being aimed at teachers and students is gaining both professional and language skills and developing  personal and social skills. We would like to achieve it through:

* the transfer of interesting solutions which will improve the quality of school’s work,
* the improvement and modernization of teaching methods in the field of vocational education,
* equipping students with essential knowledge and skills which will allow them to get a rewarding job on the European labour market,
* familiarizing the teachers with technological innovations applied by modern hotels and restaurants.

Detailed objectives being carried out by the students:
* familiarizing with work principles at a hotel kitchen and various departments of a hotel,
* familiarizing with seafood preparation techniques,
* familiarizing with restaurant customer service,
* familiarizing with table laying and setting
* communication in English language.

Unlike the study visits, the teacher training is going to be a great opportunity to combine both theoretical and practical approach. Giving teachers the possibility to work either in the hotel kitchen or at the reception, will give them the opportunity to verify their practical skills and language proficiency. Moreover, familiarizing the teachers with the hotel and restaurant technical resources, will definitely broaden their professional knowledge. Taking part in the project enabled the participants to broaden their knowledge and professional skills. What is more, it created favourable conditions to meet people who mastered their profession. The teachers will also be familiarized with new food preparation techniques and accounting software used by hotel and catering industry. Additionally, the project is aimed at teachers’ personal development through the exposure to different cultures. 

Tenerife  2018 

gRupa 3 

This year three groups of ten people went to Tenerife. The internship took place from May to September. Trainees lived and worked at the Tamaimo Tropical hotel in positions such as  receptionists, cooks, animators and waitresses. In their free time they familiarised with the culture of this beautiful place.
Everything began on 12 August 2018 but it’s not the whole truth…
First, we had to take part in language courses (English, Spanish) and we got to know some information about Tenerife. Then we had to pack all our things to small bags. It was extremely difficult. Finally, we got to the airport in Cracow and spent long 6 hours on the plane. We were very excited.
After the landing, we went to our hotel. We left our baggage and went to dinner and met with the manager. After that we did some sightseeing and swam in the ocean.
The next day we had to go to work. We worked in groups. Two of us worked at the reception desk, two girls worked as animators, two friends worked in the kitchen, and the last group  worked as waiters and waitresses.
Our work wasn’t as easy as we had thought before, it was extemely difficult. We had to learn many new things, cope with people we didn’t know, and spoke English and Spanish.
Even though we were tired we were also happy because we had trips and spare time. During the first weekend we went to Loro Park and we had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of different animals and shows with dolphins, killer whales and seals . It was the biggest attraction.
The second weekend we spent on the beach and in the ocean. It was definitely relaxing, especially before the next working week.
On the third weekend we went to Siam Lark. It was something! It was the biggest aguapark in Europe. We could try to slide many different water chutes. It was the most breathtaking experience!
The last trip was very surprising for us. We were sailing and we had the opportunity to see dolphins living wild. It was extremely fantastic to see something like that.
During the last Saturday we had to pack all our things because the next day we were leaving. It was very sad for us because we felt connected with this place and the people we met. 
This month was a great adventure for us. We learnt many new things, met a lot of people, saw beautiful places and worked a lot with amazing people. I hope I will visit this place again next year.

Written by    
Agata Lukasczyk    
Thank you, muchos gracias!   

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Tenerife 2017

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